I am sure by now you have list of all the books from foreign authors you wanna read for 2019, in fact you have your book shelf filled with the ones you have read in past years.


With your age and experience lol ….how will you be reading a book written by a Nigerian Author……what do they know…..foreign something …you know issssaa oyinbo something

Let me give you a small narrative, years back when I got qualified as an Accountant, my uncle -in –law (if there is anything like that) ask me what is my plan to get my ICAN qualification, I told him what do I want to do with it since I am already ACCA qualified…..for those that are not Accountants ICAN is a professional exam for Accountants in Nigeria and 80% of the time it is acceptable only in Nigeria….while ACCA is an international(UK) exam for Accountants acceptable world wide

He strongly advise that I should also look inward and consider doing my ICAN exams for future purpose…. I was thinking he was trying to defend the argument that ACCA is better than ICAN because he is also an ICAN qualified Accountant…because there has always been a bone of contention among learned colleagues about which one is better…so I just waved it away

Sometimes last year too I was chatting with Gold Oreoluwa Koye-Amao and the issue came up again…. Oreoluwa is also ACCA qualified and she asked me

Ore: Aunty Deola when will you write your ICAN papers

Me: what concern me with ICAN, ACCA na the baba of all and I have gotten it, so what else

Ore: But I feel you should consider it for future purpose, you know one might want to get any finance related government appointment in future and it might be an obstacle

Me: And it’s true ooo

After so much deliberation and encouragement from my sister Oreoluwa, I gave her advice a check and I discovered she is actually very correct!

I am happy to tell you that writing my few ICAN papers to become a member is part of my 2019 plan

What is the essence of this long epistle, most times we need to look inward before looking outward

But wait before you say I have a local mindset let me inform you I am a little exposed to the international environment

I have been to USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubia, South Africa, Cote d voire (where I reside), UK (3 times now) and Ghana….. and I presently work with an international organization with over 2,000 staffs from 54 different countries (Africa and non-Africa) so before you come here to call me a local champion think about it very well😅

Ask me few things about these countries and I will tell you, because I have not only visited them I have also learn some few things about them.

All these foreign countries have their peculiarities and what works there doesn’t work in Nigeria, living in Nigeria and reading books from foreign author telling you what is not applicable to your immediate environment may be confusing at times, and can even put you into trouble sometimes because there is need for you to understand that most times “reality”💤is different from the “ideal”👁‍🗨

Mind you I also read a lot of foreign books so I can relate very well, and most times I discover they write within the context of their environment!

Back to my ACCA and ICAN gist, we were trained in ACCA that whenever we have an ethical issue at work instead of compromising we should resign….. if you don’t resign and they get to know your membership might be revoked, if you use that mentality in Nigeria you are doomed… it’s hunger that will wire your head very well… the end of the day, you will tell your mama make she go to mountain to start praying for that ethical issue.

It is possible for them to advice like that because jobs in their countries is not hard…. You leave a job today you get another one tomorrow. Try it in Nigeria and smell pepper

Kemi Adeosun had all the foreign certificates, came back as a minister in Nigeria, NYSC haunts her. Who could have thought that NYSC she regarded then as not necessary will later down the years spoil her career.

Yes the village people use it against her and she fell

*I am a Nigerian any day anytime, even if I have another citizenship it is second, don’t be deceived they know themselves, racism is still there, their level of discrimination is still very intact. Hold your source and root in high esteem if the chips are down that is where you will come back to

Moral of this story

Focus more on your immediate environment and what is applicable to you, in as much you still live and earn your living there
Countries differs and not everything applicable in “the abroad” can work in Africa most especially Nigeria

Read local books as well as foreign books
coming online to tell us you read dozens of foreign books doesn’t make you a STAR!

Focus on what is applicable to the environment you live and earn a living, if you live in “the abroad” read more of their books in other to familiarize yourself with their environment…… you that you live in Nigeria and do not even dream of settling abroad read more of Nigeria books don’t deceive yourself

**I am not saying this is bad oooo but you need to find a way to strike a balance**

African authors are not inferior, in fact we are the best! 

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