Jumoke Babalola once asked me while she squeeze her face …..why Omobabinrin??? No offence ooo just asking hhhmmm are you not considering yourself an international Icon? You know the name…..it looks….. Somehow somehwwwww, you know. I cut in quickly “it looks local right”??? It is not looking “tush” right?

And that makes me remember when my 9 years old boy and my 7 years old daughter came to me after school one day, you know we live in a country where French is the official language and 90% of schools are French schools, so we have just few schools that are American and British schools and this is where most of the Diplomat or immigrants who are from English speaking countries put their kids 
In my kids school they have kids from almost 18 countries. How do I know?? I have attended their annual International day event twice now!

So the following conversation ensued:

Children: Mummy, can we tell our friends in school our English/Bible names so that they can call us with it

Me: why?

Children: Because they find it hard to pronounce our native names

Me: Can you tell me 5 names of your class mates?

And after they told me I discovered 75% of those names are also native names of kids from their different countries

Me: Do you call them by those names?

Children: Yes

Me: So if you can find a way to master their own names and pronounce it well then they should also do same

Children: They actually call us by our native names but they don’t pronounce it well

Me: Yes, they are from another culture and country so do not expect them pronounce it same way you pronounce it in your country, just correct them with love where needed and gradually they will get used to it

Children: Ok ma, thank you ma

Our names are our identity, I am not a local champion so get that!

At least I am exposed to close to 10 countries including Europe and Asia and I am also working towards being on the international platform one day as a Public Speaker

But heyyyy‼ The fact that I want to be a global Icon will not make me change my name to Michelle, or Elizabeth or Sharon or Darlene


That is their own name so let them answer it……stick to your own name

I take pride in my name Adeola which means THE CROWN OF WEALTH

My Brand is OMOBABINRIN and that is the native way of calling a princess, anything wrong in that????

A white man will not name his child Amaka or Folakemi so why would you name yourself after them and most of the times we don’t even know the meaning of these names
I am not saying these foreign names are not good (it’s a personal choice anyway) I am just saying let us stop seeing those who answer their natives names as “local bred”

The Chinese answer their native names anywhere any day same with so many other countries I know
When I become an international Icon I know my Audience will see the uniqueness of my name and brand and they will like it


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