Sometimes ago, I once ran into a problem, and you know a lot of people kept saying all sorts judging me without having an understanding about what really happened. No asking of questions……they nailed me!

I lost friends, I was rejected, nobody felt my pains Nobody was ready to hear my side of the story

No one could reason with me
I was on my own, I got pained more
People ran away from me
How can they associate with someone like me? hssssshhhh

I heard someone said a lot of bad things about me that time when I told my Mum she was so bittered and asked me to call the person and blast him…. funny enough he is my cousin.

I smiled and told my Mum NO!
My response was how many people do I want to keep “blasting” because they gossip me…. 
I said one thing that got glued to my Mum’s head that day…….. “SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE”

Years later all those friends/people that forsake me are now trying to crawl back……
They are not my enemies though…..I hold nothing against them…. But hey! If you do not feature in my STORY you cannot feature in my GLORY… it’s that simple!

I was having a conversation with Mum recently and I reminded her…… 
Me: Mummy did you remember what I told you then, she smiled and said “yes I did”……. you said “SUCCESS IS THE BEST REVENGE” 
Me: Can you now see ??

At times you need not waste your strength and time on some things, yes I know it can be painful……of course my own experience too was damn painful……but hey, how many people do you want to attack, how many people will you confront, how many people do you want to abuse and tell to mind their business.
Work more on yourself, strive to make your TODAY better than your YESTERDAY………correct their notions about you with your success………. concentrate more on YOURSELF I repeat…… And by the time you are successful they will all crawl back stylishly…..some will even beg you

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  • thetao August 1, 2019

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!